O Saco Pentelhudo Do Meu Primo – Luiggi and Bielzinho


Luiggi watches porn at home in his living room while having an extremely hot handjob. Bielzinho, his cousin is coming to see him. They are cousins. The cousins talk and Luiggi tells Bielzinho that he is meeting a hot girl. Bielzinho, happy to hear the news, asks whether she’s also hot. Luiggi is excited to tell his cousin he had a nice hand job, but Bielzinho sees the pubes of his cousin on his shorts. Luiggi is uncomfortable, so he asks his cousin if her dick has hair like his. He ends up finding out that she shaved everything including his tail. Luiggi is unable to resist his cousin’s ass, and she makes a Greek kiss in Luiggi’s mouth. The horny dick becomes delirious. Bielzinho makes his cousin even more eager to get his ass fucked by telling him that he is enjoying the sensation. Bielzinho lets his cousin fuck him, but he is scared of getting hurt because of the size of his cousin’s dick. Cousins? Bielzinho enjoys feeling his cousin on him in bed.

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