Forbidden Desire – Marcelo Moraes, Heitor Valentim, DH Zayd


Marcelo Moraes is a very busy businessman and lives for work and pays many bills and invests heavily in the education of his only son Heitor Valentim. Heitor is the type of shy guy who enjoys a good party and enjoying life alone. Marcelo introduces his employee DH Zayd to his son, who soon makes friends with him. The three go to Marcelo’s house and there they start drinking to relax. Marcelo decides to go to the office to check some documents to deliver to Zayd and leaves him alone in the living room with his son. While Marcelo is in the office looking for the documents, Zayd and Valentim take advantage and end up kissing. Zayd can’t resist and puts his boss’s son to suck his hard cock that is very yummy and throbbing inside the nasty’s hot mouth. Valentim can’t resist and give his ass to Zayd who goes crazy fucking the nasty’s ass so good. While they are in the living room having sex, Marcelo ends up catching the two of them and doesn’t interrupt them and admires the scene before his eyes. A forbidden desire begins to come from within Marcelo when he sees his son giving his employee his hot ass and awakens a crazy desire to fuck his hot ass too. Everyone has some FORBIDDEN DESIRE. This wish can or cannot come true. But it can also be found out.

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